Don’t Collect Too Many Memories

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As children, we liked to have fun and do crazy things, which entertained the people around us. This is because we seemed to find everything entertaining. Childhood was a much simpler time, as everything was done for us, and we just had to eat and sleep. Sleep was something we dreaded, and we used to give our parents a hard time when they had to put us to sleep. We were always so hyperactive and jumpy just as we were about to sleep, and as a result we didn’t give our parents a chance to sleep either. They tried everything from bedtime stories to singing us songs and a list of other things, as well. One bedtime story wasn’t enough, because we definitely needed a lot more than that, if they expected us to close our eyes and drift off. Ah, such good times. A person’s childhood is a time when they make the most memories, from the first steps to walking, learning to ride a bike, which were the main milestones our parents watched with tears in their eyes. And then fast forward a couple of years and we’re learning to drive.

Time flies when you’re having fun; that’s when you make the best memories to last you an entire lifetime. It could be when you’re first starting to make friends, experience something new when you step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, you make memories when you least expect to, and they’re the ones you remember the most later on in life. Another important time of your life would be when your school life, as you do some crazy things with your friends and best friends you grew up with. From skipping classes to just gather around someone playing a guitar, nothing will ever replace things like these. When you’re younger, nothing seems impossible, and you end up doing the most spontaneous things like jumping in a pool and water fights, too. You find yourself collecting random things from moments like these, ranging from rubber bands to sometimes even other people’s clothes. We collect so much that overtime it gradually piles up, resulting in a storage room, and we’re left with no choice but to sell them in a couple of garage sales Perth.

There’s so much that’s accumulated, it is shocking. There are many garage sales Brisbane this weekend, actually.When you go through all the stuff you’ve collected, you remember where you go it from and the good memories that represent, making it hard to let go.